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Wilson Acres

Protection oil- 1oz size

Protection oil- 1oz size

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This protection oil is designed to repel negative, dark harmful, or evil energy returning tenfold to original sender. May we get what we give… So mote it be.

Carrier oil: avocado oil
essential oils: tea, rose, rose, Pineneedle, eucalyptus, and frankincense. 

Herbs: Rose, basil, rosemary, sage, mint, cinnamon, cinnamon stick, jasmine flower

Stones: evil eye, black, obsidian, tigers eye, and this, smoky quartz, courts, petal, lapis lazuli, carnelian.

Sealed with gold wax, setting intentions of he was for 15 days under a full moon.

Uses: apply to the restaurant inside crease of elbow add to diffuser, anointing items to enhance for work.

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