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Mookaite Tower

Mookaite Tower

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Mookaite (also called Australian Jasper) is a stone of strength and vitality. It is grounding and protective, creating an energetic shield that will make you feel safe and cared for. This earthy rock enhances confidence and helps you realize and work towards your full potential. Mookaite inspires the desire to try new things and break routine while offering the support needed to positively navigate the unfamiliar.  

Mookaite balances the Root, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye Chakras, and can improve the flow of energy between these chakras. Mookaite can also be used to clear the Third-Eye and Solar Plexus Chakras and to align them with the Root Chakra.

Uses: Hold Mookaite in your hand during meditation to help with the release of old patterns that inhibit growth. Carry Mookaite in your pocket when in need of an extra boost of practical intuition. Mookaite can also encourage one to recognize life patterns to become more attuned to the natural cycles. is the perfect stone for finding strength and vitality. It's grounding and protective properties make it an ideal companion for expanding awareness, intuition, and healing. Its ability to enhance confidence and support on the path towards potential makes it an ideal stone for breaking routine and taking on new opportunities. Mookaite works to balance the Root, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye Chakras, clearing and aligning them to support energy flow.


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Increase energy levels.
Clearing and balancing of chakras.
Relief from chronic pain.
Strengthen immune system.
Reduce tension and anxiety.
Improve circulation.
Reduction of stress.
Increased self-awareness.
Emotional healing instability.
Increase mental clarity.
Personal growth and development.

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