Setting Intentions give us guidance and purpose.

Setting Intentions give us guidance and purpose.

Intentions can provide us with direction and motivation by giving us a clear sense of what we want to achieve or how we want to act. By setting intentions, we can create a roadmap for our goals and aspirations, and use them as a guide to help us stay on track and focused.

Setting intentions is a mindful practice that can have a positive impact on various aspects of our lives. Here are some additional points to consider on the topic of intentions:

  • Intentions can help us cultivate a sense of clarity and purpose in our daily lives. By taking the time to reflect on what we want to achieve, we can align our actions and decisions with our values and goals.
  • Intentions can also help us stay accountable to ourselves and others. By sharing our intentions with trusted friends or family members, we can gain support and encouragement as we work towards our goals.
  • In addition to setting intentions for specific goals or actions, we can also set intentions for our overall mindset and outlook on life. For example, we might set an intention to approach challenges with curiosity and openness, rather than fear or defensiveness.
  • It's important to remember that intentions are not the same as expectations or rigid goals. Rather than focusing on a specific outcome, intentions are about cultivating a positive attitude and taking steps towards growth and self-improvement.

Take a few moments for yourself and journal. Or stop in and we would help you with a personal ceremony surrounding your intentions. 


Love and Lavender,

Amanda Jo 

Reiki Master Teacher

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